About us

Founded in 2005, FLY hunter decoys Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly, lightweight, foldable, and easy-to-carry hunting decoy products. It specializes in offering a wide range of decorative decoys (like goose decoys, Canada goose decoys, snow goose decoys, Duck decoys, Mallard decoys, turkey decoys, Dove decoys,and Deer decoys) at the most reasonable prices. Since the time of our inception in this domain, our quest has been to serve the hunting decoy industry and raise the bar of excellence in it (industry) by delivering many advanced, innovative and high-quality products at the affordable prices. Our long-term industry knowledge, innovative products and expertise in meeting many common and customized needs have helped us get an edge over our competitors. We are open to taking OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) order. Request us for a quote or a free consultation. We are interested in building a long-term relationship with our customers, clients, partners, shareholders, suppliers and retailers.

Please call us at 86-769-33270305 or send an email at hunterdecoys@gmail.com. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you.

A wide range of hunting decoy products includes the followings:

·    *Greylay Goose decoys

·    *Canadian goose decoys

*Snow goose decoys

*Duck decoys

*Mallard decoys

*Turkey decoys

*Dove decoys

*Deer decoys

Besides, we are open to taking OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) order and meeting any bespoke need.

Core Values

·         We value quality products, on time product devilry, and reasonable rates.

·         Our boss is an avid conservationist having a deep rooted love for the outdoors.


Our sole goal is to manufacture and deliver Eco-friendly, foldable, lightweight, and easy- to-carry      hunting decoy products, minimizing the risk of pollution.

· We are dedicated to manufacturing the most environmentally friendly products for the safe use.


Our vision is to become a globally preferred company, creating value for the hunters, clients, partners, and society as well.



Contact Us

Contact: Mr.Kim

Phone: +86-13712585600

Tel: +86-769-33270305

Email: sales(@)hunterdecoys.com

Add: No 560,huanjing tou area,fenggan town,dongguan city,china